The Art of Confidence: Episode 2 - Perfectionism

Can perfection be obtained? What does it take to continually push yourself physically and mentally year after year in the pursuit of excellence? How do you know when you've achieved your absolute best? How do you know when you have pushed it too far? In episode 2 of The Art of Confidence, Alice Merryweather shares her experience of the sometimes rocky road to reach the pinnacle.

"The Art of Confidence" is a film series that reconnects women with belief in themselves and their abilities. Through their own stories, Spyder athletes Giulia Tanno, Amie Engerbretson, Lorraine Huber, and Alice Merryweather highlight their unique relationship with confidence. They remind us that even the most fearless, confident, uncompromising, and extraordinary women wrestle with fear and self-doubt. By taking a hard look at some of their deepest fears and discussing how to overcome them, these athletes show the art of confidence and how you can find yours in the process. Stay tuned as we launch the additional episodes of this four-part series throughout the rest of the ski season. Credit Après Productions.

spyder the art of confidence episode 2 perfectionism alice merryweather
spyder art of confidence episode 2 perfectionism alice merryweather
Spyder the art of confidence episode 2 perfectionism

"There is a really fine line between perfectionism being constructive and making you the best at something and being destructive." – Alice Merryweather.

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